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Rave Flyer Collecting:

1988-1999 / 2000-Now
| Flyer Trading | Buying and Selling Flyers |

Despite a number of Old Ravers cashing in on their Flyer collections there are still a number of collectors willing to trade flyers. Personally some of the better additions to my collection have come from flyer trades.

In the earlier days of Rave some collectors managed to establish contacts in other areas and even other countries. Collectors could use friends, family and other contacts to exchange flyers. Some collectors even placed adverts in Rave Magazines looking for other collectors.

With the Internet it became easier to track down other collectors. The International Flyer Collectors page is still active. Although collectors go through spells of wanting to trade there is usually someone that would want to swap flyers.
Collectors List

This made it possible to receive new and old flyers from Europe including French, Spanish, German, Belgian and Dutch Flyers. This provides a great opportunity to see flyers like the Dutch Gabba flyers.

There are also a lot of traders in the USA. Some of the flyers from the US are very flamboyant and colourful. Some of the flyers were also huge in comparison to the average flyers sizes!

If you do intend to trade with any other collectors then it could be worth checking with the admin’s of the site you are using about the credibility of the other trader first!!

It is also possible to meet up with other like-minded Flyer collectors and do bulk exchanges. Obviously if you arrange to meet someone on the Internet take the usual precautions but its usually quite easy to suss out another collector!!

There have also been some very generous people that have just given away huge collections of flyers. (If anyone wants his or her old collection to go to a good home please get in touch!)

If you are interested in Selling flyers visit Its All About Flyers or RaveFlyers.Co.Uk. Also Browse Rave Flyers on Ebay. Wigs and Wed have spent a huge amount of time monitoring and recording the prices of flyers.
(For Price Guides Visit Its All About Flyers or Rave.Flyers.Co.Uk )