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Preface: Bedroom Walls To Box Files!

In the early nineties the first time I saw a bedroom wallpapered in Rave Flyers I was completely blown away. The flyers combined my two main interests at the time, Art and Underground House & Hardcore Music! I decided to start my own flyer collection, completely unaware that I would still be collecting twenty years on!!

I started taking weekly trips to the local Dance Record shops Movement & Flying (to the annoyance of the owners!!) and picking up flyers. There were also other flyer stockist including a various indoor Market Stalls and Trendy Clothes Shops. After a couple of months the collection was rapidly increasing.

Whenever I visited a different town I would go in search of new flyers, from 3 Beat & Groover in Liverpool, Blackmarket & Wax City in London to smaller shops in Carlisle, Brighton and Devon. This gave a great opportunity to collect flyers from other areas that you wouldn’t normally come across unless you had a reliable contact.

When I started attending Clubs, Parties and Raves I gladly accepted the Flyer Packs that were shoved into my hands at the end of each night, although getting them safely back at home at seven in the morning was never an easy task! I continued collecting flyers up to the late nineties but eventually they were taken down from the bedroom walls and put into storage.

In around 2000, with the growth of the Internet it became easier to track down old Rave Flyers and other Rave Memorabilia through Old Skool Rave sites and Forums like Back To The Old Skool. Sites like RaveFlyers.Co.Uk had flyer galleries and a list of world wide Flyer Collectors.

Online auction site Ebay had also become extremely popular. Many old Rave Flyers were put on sale on Ebay. Soon old flyers were being sold for high prices. This led to a revival in flyer collecting. However, the aim of flyer collecting now wasn’t to cover every square inch of bedroom wall, it was more about collecting high valued music memorabilia.

Other specialized Flyer websites were being uploaded including PhatMedia and Borosix. Social Networking sites also became popular and had the ability to create Flyer groups on sites like Facebook meant it became even easier to contact other Collectors and view scans.

Roach Material was first published in 2003 but the site was taken down for usability reasons in 2006. The site was redeveloped. With the influx of flyer scans on the Internet the focus of the site was now on the History of the Rave Flyers. The aim of the site is to keep the Spirit of the rave Scene and especially the Flyer Art & Design alive.