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Introduction: ‘In The Beginning.’

Welcome to the Roach Material Rave & Club Flyer History. One of the main aims of the History pages is to provide a brief insight into the Design’s used on the Flyer’s and the later part of the History pages look at Flyer Collecting.

Electronic Dance Music had developed throughout the eighties. The main influences were Detroit Techno, New York Garage and Chicago House. The music had travelled from the USA across the Atlantic and made a minor impact in places around Europe.

During the eighties a number of Club Nights had experimented with Dance Music in the UK but the scene had never taken of in a major way. It wasn’t until the late eighties that the scene started coming together.

It was difficult pinpoint exactly where to start the History Pages but it was decided to start with a Flyer dated March 1987 from the Hacienda in Manchester, one of the birthplaces of the UK House Scene.

Whilst writing the history pages it was also difficult keeping the focus on the actual flyers. Obviously, acknowledgements have to be made to the other significant aspects of the scene including the Music, The Artist, DJ’s, The Clubs, The Promoters and the different Genres of Dance Music but I have tried not to stray to far from the actual Flyers.

Another obstacle that made it hard keeping the History Pages brief was the amount of flyers that have been produced. Its hard to estimate how many different flyers have been produced since 1987/88 but there must have been tens maybe hundreds of thousands. As a result many famous Flyers have been left out so apologies to any Promoters or Events that are not mentioned.

I hope you find the history pages useful. I have tried my hardest top provide accurate information. If information has been researched from other places I have referenced the original source. If you would like to reference this site or use the information for research in written material please let me know first. Please contact me with any suggestions. Enjoy!