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Illegal Raves ‘Can You Handle it?’

As mentioned in the previous chapter many of the events in 1989 were in fact illegal. As a result the flyers many of the flyers were designed with low budgets and were fairly basic designs with enough information to get the Ravers to parties without alerting the authorities.

This trend continued into the nineties. Promoters like DIY, Spiral Tribe and Exodus held illegal parties in disused warehouse, factories and in remote areas of countryside around the country.

As a number of promoters organised legal events ticket prices soared to around £10 - £30. Licensed events were a lot stricter with sometimes heavy-handed Security Firms running the doors.

As a result the Sound Systems wanted to keep the Parties free and with the original vibe of the early parties.

DIY was a ‘Free Party Collective’ from Nottingham that was founded in 1989. The main DJs were Digs & Whoosh. DIY organised lots of Illegal Free Parties as went on to organise Club Nights and Club Tours all around the world.

The DIY flyers were often small square shaped flyers with just text and no images. Again like other Free Party Flyers there was minimal information on the Flyers. The flyers listed the DJs, a rough area to meet, a date and the words ‘Strictly For Groovers’!

Spiral Tribe was another Free Party Sound System. They started in 1990 and would later become one of the most Notorious Sound Systems. Spiral Tribe held parties mainly around the South of England.

Again like other Free Party Flyers Spiral Tribe used Black and White Photocopies. By 1992 Spiral Tribe had produced their own logo. The logo was displayed with Black & White Spirals in the background. The only other information was a Date and Phone Number produced in a very distinctive font.

The Spiral Tribe were one of the organisers of the infamous Castle Morton Rave. Spiral Tribe later went on to hold parties around Europe known as the Teknival.