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'Hard Core Will Never Die’

Hardcore Music had developed in around 1990. In 1992 Hardcore was at its peek. In 1993 the scene split into different genres of Hardcore. The Jungle scene was taking off and was splitting from the Hardcore Style of music.

Hardcore became slightly harder and faster and was renamed as Bouncy Techno. By the end of 1993 the Happy Sound had re-emerged whilst other DJs played a harder sound that was becoming know as Hardcore Techno.

In 1993-1994 Hardcore was mixing Breakbeats with 4 Beat. However, the music still had the feel of the original 1992 Hardcore with the uplifting vocals and piano rifts.

Some of the early Happy Hardcore Clubs included Rezerection, Die Hard, Club Kinetic, Adrenalin and Fusion.

By 1995 the Happy hardcore scene had new promoters like Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven and United Dance. Bigger promoters like Dreamscape, Helter Skelter and Hysteria mixed different style of Hardcore but were also influential in the development of Happy Hardcore.

The music had also changed in 1995. The Breakbeats were dropped in favour of 4 Beats. The Happy Hardcore became a lot faster.

By 1996 a lot of clubs were playing Hardcore Techno - Gabba / Gabber, an even harder style of Hardcore that was popular in Europe. Promoters like DRT, Steam, Techno-Drome, North were dedicated to Hard & Fast Music.

The music style was heavily influenced by the Raves in Holland and Germany. The European promoters included Hellraiser, MegaRave, Thunderdome, ID&T and many more.

Other promoters like Hellraiser (Brixton), Sick & Twisted, Crossbones and various Sound Systems played even Harder Gabba Music.

In 1998-1999 Promoters like Future Dance / Go Mental, Compulsion / Northern Innovation played a more Trancey Style of Hardcore / Trance Core -Energy Music.

Hardcore continued after the millennium with promoters like Raver Baby, Hardcore Till I Die (HTID), Hyperbolic, Hardcore Heaven continued to organise Hardcore Raves.