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Jungle - Drum & Bass Flyers:

In the early nineties when Breakbeats were mixed with House, Techno & Rave the style was originally labelled ‘Hardcore.’ In 1991 Lenny De Ice made a Tune called ‘We are E.’ Some regard that tune as the first Drum & Bass Record, although the style was first known as Jungle.

Early hardcore was played by DJs like Slipmatt, Carl Cox, Fabio, Grooverider, Sy, Seduction, Hype, DJ Rap, DJ SS, Colin Dale, Colin Favor and many more. As 1992 approached the scene split into different styles of Hardcore.

DJs like Slipmatt, SY, Seduction, Dougal and Ramos played a faster style with Vocals and Pianos. Easygroove, Clarkee, Colin Favor and Colin Dale played a harder techno Style. DJs like Carl Cox played anthems before concentrating on House and Techno. 

Other DJs like Donavon Smith, Phantasy, Dr S Gachet, Micky Finn, Darren Jay, Jumping Jack Frost, LTJ Bukem, Brian G, Shock C, Top Buzz, Fabio and Grooverider played what was becoming known as Ragga Techno or Jungle. The new style mixed Ragga Samples and Breakbeats.

By 1994 the Jungle style was well established. Musically the records were better produced. However the new scene was blamed for killing the Happy Vibe of the earlier Raves.

Some of the original promoters included Jungle Fever, AWOL, World Dance, Voodoo Magic, Jungle Soundclash, Life Utopia, Telepathy and many more.

Rage was one of the first places to play Jungle.

The Jungle Fever Flyers were designed by Pez.

AWOL was a night that started in 1992.

By 1995 the scene was changing again. Jungle was becoming known as Drum and Bass, a style that was given a lot more credit by Music Fans. The Drum and Bass scene had even more sub genres such as Jump Up, Jazzy, Dark D&B and ‘Intelligent.’

The Metalheadz label became huge. Goldie, one of the main players at the time even played to a huge crowd at Glastonbury Festival.

LTJ Bukem promoted nights from his label Good Lookin called Logical Progression. The LogProg events toured around the world.

Towards 1996-1997 Roni Size became another huge player. Roni Size played Live Drum and Bass and again like Goldie played at Glastonbury Festival in 1998 on the Jazz Stage.