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Rave Flyer Collecting:

1988-1999 / 2000-Now
| Flyer Trading | Buying and Selling Flyers |

Flyer Collecting:

When I first started picking up flyers and collecting them I didn’t see myself as an actual collector. Originally the aim was to build up enough to cover my walls as well as finding out what Raves & Parties were happening.

It wasn’t until after 2000 that I transferred the flyers from the walls into Ring Binders! This seems to be the case with other collectors I have spoken to. Other collectors have also said it wasn’t until they started Paying for the flyers that they considered themselves as collectors.

Flyer Collecting: 1988-1999

Originally flyers would be picked up from Record Shops and other Dance related shops and handed out by distributors at the end of club & rave events.

During the early nineties most of the major towns in the UK had a Record Shop dedicated to Dance Music. Other shops like Clothes Shops, Head Shops and Skate Shops would also keep a selection of flyers.

Whist taking regular trips to Record Shops during this period it was possible to pick up 10-25 different Flyers. In bigger towns and cities like Birmingham or Liverpool with a variety of shops you could pick up even more.

In London it was possible to come back from a day of flyer collecting with up to 100 different flyers. This was due to the amount of Record Shops. Around the Soho area there was Blackmarket, MAD, Choccis Tunes, Kinetic, Ambient Soho, Cyberdog at Covent Garden, Dragon Disc and many more all within close proximity of each other.

In the other areas in London there were even more Record Shops. Places like Camden had their fair share of shops and market stalls like Access All Areas and Cyberdog in Stables Market. Other suburbs around London had more shops like Wax City, Big Apple and Swag all in Croydon.

After Raves and Clubs you would usually be bombarded with flyers. There were promoters and flyer distributors handing out the next instalment of flyers & flyer packs. Coming back from a Rave Event you could be given around 10-25 flyers.

Other collectors I have spoken to used Dance magazines and the classified sections to get in touch with other collectors and mail order companies that sent out flyers. Other collectors had contacts, friends and relatives in other towns that would post flyers to each other.

Some collectors asked friends and family members to pick up flyers or send them flyers in the post. Other stories of obtaining Flyers are more extreme.

“In the mid 90s I was told about an empty dance music shop in North West London, about 30 miles away -- a nearby shop-keeper was looking after the place, but wouldn't let me have the key -- it took about a month of phone calls to the estate agents before I persuaded them to give me access -- drove over there on a really cold winter's day with step ladders tied on top of my car and spent all afternoon stripping the old flyers & posters off the walls -- it was dark by the time I left, and I was freezing, but it was worth it - two days later the builders went in and gutted the place.’

Not speaking for myself but a friend once offered to decorate a mutual friends bedroom in around 1991. It turned out he had bought all the gear, step-ladders, paints, brushes, ill fitting Naff-Naff T-Shirt!! He then offered the friend the settee at his place whilst he decorated. His actual true intentions became clear when my friend discovered he’d stripped the walls of all the flyers and disappeared! I kid you not. The last thing I heard he was living in Canada! A long way to go for some stolen flyers!’
(Geoff B: )

Other collectors have driven 100s of miles to pick up collections. One collector arranged to give away his collection and met up with a load of other collectors in a car park.  

Flyer Collecting: 2000 – 2010.

By the year 2000 things had changed. This was mainly due to the developments of the Internet. Now more and more people had access to the Internet. The Internet provided a great opportunity for Old Skool Rave Memorabilia sites. Now tracking down Old Records, Mixtapes & CD’s and Flyers became easier than ever before.

Unfortunately the rise of the Internet and Technological advancements led to a change in the way Music was sold. Dance music was usually pressed onto vinyl but now sites were selling tracks on MP3. CD mixing became popular. Other music styles picked up in popularity and Dance Music Records sales started to decrease. Eventually this led to the majority of Record Shops closing down.

Sites like actually provided a list of Worldwide Flyer Collectors! Now contacting collectors via email and organising trades was possible. There is also a Message Board on the site.

Promoters and Companies like Rave Guide also emailed flyers out. Some promoters even collected Mobile Numbers and used Text Messages to advertise their events.

With the rise in popularity of Social Networking sites like Facebook, My Space & Bebo it was also possible to advertise an event to huge amounts of people in a way that was probably easier than ever before.

With Social Networks sites it is also possible to exchange scans and converse with other collectors in Facebook groups like Borosix & Phatmedia. 

If you are interested in Selling flyers visit Its All About Flyers or RaveFlyers.Co.Uk. Also Browse Rave Flyers on Ebay. Wigs and Wed have spent a huge amount of time monitoring and recording the prices of flyers.
(For Price Guides Visit Its All About Flyers or Rave.Flyers.Co.Uk )