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In 1993 The Club Scene was picking up. The Criminal Justice Bill had clamped down on the actual Rave Scene. Many Ravers had been Raving since 1988 and the novelty of travelling to Muddy Fields to listen to Hard Dance Music had worn thin, especially considering there was no guarantee that the event would even be on!

Club events had picked up as a lot of the original Ravers preferred to go to club events where the music was a little mellower! Club events had been running since the start of the scene but now new clubs had opened.

Early Clubs included The Full Monty, Back to Basics, Hard Times and Empire. The early club events played a mix of House and Garage.

Other Club Events like Orbit, Bugged Out, Atomic Jam and House of God played a mixture of Techno and Trance. 

By the late nineties the Clubs became known as Super clubs. Promoters like Ministry of Sound, Gatecrasher, Manumission, Slinky, Pacha, Godskitchen and Cream became huge companies.