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1991-1993 ‘Hardcore You Know The Score’

In 1991 the Hardcore scene started to take off. New promoters joined the likes of Energy, Weekend World & Raindance including Universe, Fantazia, Ektos, Perception, Amnesia House, Big Bad Head, Life Utopia, World Party, Pandemonium, Rush, Time and many more.

Events were still being held in venues within town centres but now the promoters were venturing back into the countryside to look for bigger venues. This era became known to some as the ‘Second Wave of Rave.’

This is the era when Rave Flyers became most common. Developments in computer software and the sheer amount of events meant that hundreds of glossy flyers were produced during these years. With so much competition each flyer tried a little harder to be noticed!

Raindance continued to hold events in 1991. Again, Raindance continued to use artworks commissioned by the Flyer Artist Pez. He used his distinctive airbrush to create the flyers for ‘Vogliamo Tutto’ at Salters Way, Wisbech in February & ‘The Egg’ Event at Woolwich Manor Way, Barking in March.

Pez also designed the Raindance Flyer ‘What The World Needs Now’ at Peterborough in March 1991. Again he used his airbrush and painted floating Peace Signs, Hearts and Flowers. The design looked like it was influenced by the Psychedelic art of the Hippy generation!

A similar style was used for Raindance Deep Event. When Pez designed the flyer for Raindances Climatic Communication he used 3 images. One of the images had two people kissing, but the two people are covered. This expressed people living in different worlds. The art of Pez was becoming more surreal!

Pez designed the flyers for Beyond Therapy. This time he airbrushed two babies that were floating in Space. This surreal flyer became very iconic.

The Labrynth & 2000AD events called ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’ at Tottenham Sports & Leisure Club became some of the first flyers to use actual Photos from their events.

ESP had been holding events since late 1989. In 1991 ESP joined forces with Weekend World and held a huge event near Northampton. The event is attended by 7000 making it one of the biggest Rave Events in the UK at that time.

ESP promoted a number of events around the Bedford area including Bounce and Supernova. In December 1991 ESP held an event called Dreamscape at the Denbigh Leisure Park in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. The venue later became known as the Sanctuary.

Amnesia House hold an event at Brayfield Stadium called Book of Love. Mickey Lynas marries in front of 15000 Ravers. His best man is Grooverider!
(Everything Starts With An E Timeline)

The huge events were still being held in urban areas. In April 1991 Fantazia held their first event at the Eclipse in Coventry. Fantazia used the venue again in December 1991.  Fantazia used Westpoint near Exeter for New Years Eve and the next event in February 1992.

Fantazia then held two huge events, ‘Summertime’ at Matchams near Bournemouth and then ‘One Step Beyond’ at Castle Donnington.  Now the Fantazia Raves were attracting more than 10000 people.

Fantazia were one of the first promoters to realise there was a lot of money to be made from merchandise. Fantazia had their own clothing range and their own CD. The Flyers now didn’t just advertise the events; they also advertised the Merchandise range!

Many of the designs for flyers came from Stock Image Catalogues. Promoters including Fantazia, Obsession, Dance Planet and Perception used these images. The idea is that you check the catalogue for the design you like. Pay the owner a fee and then use the image on the flyer.

Other promoter simply ripped off older artworks. A variety of different styles of artwork were used. With promoters coming and going and being hard to track down it was sometimes impossible trying to prosecute anyone for breach of copy write laws.

Some of the most common art used was Sci-Fi art including pieces by Rodney Matthews, Jim Byrnes (Remix, Bournemouth), Boris Vallejo and Tim White. Surrealist painters like Dali (Eclipse), H R Giger (Entropy Flyers) & Hajime Sorayama (Starlight). Other artists include Keith Haring (Dance Party Flyers) and MC Esher.