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1990: ‘Can You Take It?’

After the ‘Summer of Love’ in 1989 the authorities had clamped down on unlicensed parties. As a result promoters started holding events in Legal Clubs and Venues.

By 1990 every major town had their own Club or Venue. London had multiple venues like Labyrinth, Liverpool had Quadrant Park, Manchester had The Hacienda, Wolverhampton had Quest and even smaller towns like Worthing had Sterns.
(Quadrant Park Flyers)

Labrynth took an image of George Harrison and used it on almost all of their flyers. The image was psychedelic and had George with the palm of his hand showing. There was an eyeball painted on his hand.
(Labrynth Flyers On Borosix)

In Coventry the Eclipse Club opened in Lower Ford Street. The Eclipse churned out weekly /monthly flyers in a variety of styles. Some of the Eclipse flyers included designs with Fractals and Dali Rip-Offs.

A number of other promoters held events at the Eclipse including Omen, New Age, Helter Skelter, Fantazia, Amnesia House, Shrine, Enjoy, Total Kaos, Bang-In Tunes and Energy.

Another promoter, also going by the name of The Eclipse but organised by Groove II Promotions also produced some memorable early Rave Flyers. Groove II regularly held events at the Cambridge Corn Exchange and the Cambridge area.
(Groove II)

Some of the early Groove II flyers had unique Black & White illustrations that usually featured a moon and sun (or illustrations based around an ‘Eclipse’ concept). The later flyers followed the same theme but the drawings were now produced with airbrush and were a lot more colourful (Pez also designed some of their flyers in 1992).
(Groove II)

Yikes held events around the Slough & Reading area. The flyers for the events usually featured Comic characters from Comics like The Beano & The Viz.
(Rave Flyers Price Guide)

In Worthing Inter Dance held events at a club called Sterns. The Inter Dance Flyers were very collectable back in the day. This was due to their style of what could be classed as Appropriation Art. Inter Dance took well-known brands and changed their logos to make their own quirky slogans.

Some of the famous Inter Dance at Sterns flyers included appropriations of Logos including Swan Vestas Matches, British Telecom, Marmite, Benson & Hedges and many more.

Inter Dance replaced the well known Slogans and Logos with their own phrases like Happy Raver instead of Happy Shopper and Eight til Late instead of After Eights Mints.

Other Promoters also used Sterns including Dance 90, Passion, Yikes and Fusion. Inter Dance even had its own Rave-zine full of great illustrations. Unfortunately Sterns seemed to be constantly at war with the local authorities and shut in 1993.

In 1990 Raindance & Telepathy used an up and coming artist to design their flyers. Pez, a Graffiti Artist during the eighties created unique images for flyers with the aid of his airbrush. Pez would go on to be hailed the ‘Dali’ of the Rave World!

The music in 1990 also changed. The clubs played a mixture of House, Techno and Garage with early Warehouse Rave Anthems. Other tunes mixed the varieties of Dance Music with Breakbeats and a new style of Dance music was born. Hardcore music was a mixture of Pianos, Vocals, Breakbeats and Techno. The music and would dominate the Raves of 1991-1992.