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Rave Flyer Collecting:

1988-1999 / 2000-Now
| Flyer Trading | Buying and Selling Flyers |

Buying & Selling:

One of the most significant sites to affect the Flyer Community was EBay. It was now possible to buy old Flyers through EBay. Some of the early prices where quite reasonable but it wasn’t long before flyers started selling at considerably high prices.

When a couple of articles in the Press wrote about Flyer Collecting they stated exaggerated prices! This led to an influx of old collectors trying to cash in.

Soon lots of flyers were being posted on EBay and Message Boards became full of people trying to sell collections. One seller stated ‘Collection of old flyers. Offers of Silly Money Only!

I was getting emails from people offering me flyers from 1991-1993. I was once offered a collection of 50 common flyers, most that I already had. The seller said ‘Give me a Hundred (£) and I’ll be happy!’  This was one of many and I was just answering ‘Good Luck then … Bye!’’

Despite some unrealistic expectations it was still possible to pick up flyers at good prices. The flyer prices seem to fluctuate. It seems there are certain flyers that will still go for high prices.

The flyers from 1989 and especially 1988 still go for £5 - £50+ or so for a single flyer. Sunrise, Spectrum, Shoom, Genesis flyers and many more have sold for high prices.

Early Hardcore Flyers like Dreamscape 1 have been known to sell for £50 each. Early Fantazia, Inter Dance at Sterns, Amnesia House, Pandemonium, Helter Skelter, Rezerection and many more have been sold for a few pounds each. The European Thunderdomes are also highly sort after.

As this information was compiled an early 1988 Shoom flyer sold for £37, An early 1988 Spectrum flyer for £27, A Sunrise 1989 flyer for £35, A Biology flyer (1989 or 1990) for £23, Republic of Love 1992 (Possibly Pez or similar artist) £1, Eclipse Coventry 1991 for £7, Dreamscape 1 for £8.50 although another is selling for £31, Sunrise Guy Fawkes 1989 £11 and then again for £3.

These prices demonstrate how hit and miss the market can be and also what prices some of the sort after flyers can fetch.

Collectors also have their own preferences to what they collect. Some collect specific promoters, designers, areas (Specific towns), time frames, clubs ECT.

Sometimes slightly random flyers go for high prices. This is often due to people putting in high bids as the night / flyer may have some king of sentimental meaning!

Some collectors have stated they would even go from £30 up to 3 figure sums for certain flyers!

I have also known of collectors that have been tracking down flyers for years.
When they eventually found them for sale they have paid a high price for them, only for the same flyer to be put on sale a couple of weeks later and sell for a cheap price!!

Another problem with the high price of Rave Flyers is the issue of Fake Flyers. It is hard to make sense of all of the Messages on the forums related to the subject of Fakes. The topic brings up all kinds of issues regarding Copyright laws. Unfortunately a number of collectors have mentioned being sold Reprints or Copies instead of the original flyers.  

For more information on how to spot Fake or Copied flyers see the Real or Fake Page on Borosix. (Real Or Fake)

It’s hard to predict what Flyers would be worth in the future. The majority of Flyers are probably being sold to Old Ravers. If this is true then it’s hard to calculate what the flyers would be worth in say a hundred years time!

In one message on Jon claims that the majority of images used on flyers are ripped off from previous art works. As a result none of the flyers will ever be worth anything as actual artworks as they infringe on copyright laws. He claims the flyers with plagiarised artworks only carry sentimental value.

He continues to say that the only flyers that would be worth anything would be the flyers designed by Designers like Pez, Junior Tomlin, Kaos, Darrell, Dave Nodz, Adrenalin Corporation & Designer Republic. All of these designers designed specifically for the actual promoters.

In response Weed wrote ‘Prices go up and down. Perhaps in 2030 they will have little or no value- maybe by 2130 they will be worth huge amounts! 
After Bach's death his unpublished compositions were scattered far and wide. It was 100 years later that people started to take an especial interest in them. By then, many of them were lost forever. It's said that some of his original hand-written manuscripts were rescued from a cheese shop (where they were being used to wrap the customers' cheeses!).’ 

I asked what was it about the rave flyers that made them want to collect them. The majority of collectors stated it was because of 2 main reasons. The first reason was the memories and the second reason was because they liked the artwork.

Almost certainly the memories associated with the years spent going out to raves. I think anyone who was part of the scene whether it be at the start in 1988, or like myself in 1990 - 93, or people going out in the years beyond that. If you lived it, it had an impact on your life. For some people this has resulted in them buying decks and records for others like myself this has meant collecting flyers. (Wigs )

‘They (flyers) were not just recording the rave scene but were part of it- so much cultural history has been lost, and here was a chance to keep some of it alive.’ (Weed )

When asking other collectors what flyers they collected some of Promoters included Energy, Vibealite, Sunrise, Gallery, and Dreamscape. One collector specified flyers from their hometown. Im sure asking more collectors would have provided different answers.

It also appears that a lot of collectors collect the flyers for their own personal collections and not because they think of the flyers as an investment or a collectable item that will increase in price.

A couple of pointers to leave you with! Collect items that you enjoy & Flyers, like any other collectable item are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them!!

If you are interested in Selling flyers visit Its All About Flyers or RaveFlyers.Co.Uk. Also Browse Rave Flyers on Ebay. Wigs and Wed have spent a huge amount of time monitoring and recording the prices of flyers.
(For Price Guides Visit Its All About Flyers or Rave.Flyers.Co.Uk )