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Welcome To Roach Material:

Roach Material is a site dedicated to the History of UK Rave & Club Flyers.

The site is still in progress to check back for updates.

If you would like to contact the site please use the Links on the left hand side or on the Contact page.

There will be images added to the site soon.

The History Pages start in 1987-1988 with Clubs like The Hacienda and Shoom. Chapter 2 looks at the Outdoor Raves of 1989 including Sunrise and Genesis. Chapters 4 & 5 look at the Legal Rave events from 1990-1993. The other chapters look at Drum and Bass Flyers, Happy Hardcore Flyers and Club Flyers. The report is concluded with the Flyers from 2000 – Present day and then the conclusions. There is also information on Buying, Selling, Collecting and Trading Flyers. There will also be a list of Links and Bibliography.


Thanks to Weed, Dave @Phatmedia, Wigs and Everyone at Its All About Flyers, Beach @Borosix, Kristof and everyone else that has helped with the collection over the years

Please Note: This site does not promote the use of Drugs. It is simply a slightly tongue In Cheek approach to looking back at the Rave Flyers of the past.




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